AWS Re: Invent 2023 Launches

* Amazon ElastiCache Serverless: Create a highly available cache in under a minute and instantly scale to meet application demand

* Amazon Aurora Limitless Database # Powers petabyte-scale applications with millions of writes per second

* Amazon RDS for Db2 # Easy to setup, operate, and scale a managed Db2 database in the cloud

* Amazon EFS Archive: A new storage class where customers can save up to 50% on storage costs – compared to Amazon EFS Infrequent Access

* Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP scale-out file systems : Delivers up to 9x higher storage performance than before to power more compute-intensive workloads

Business Application
* Amazon One Enterprise: A secure, palm-based identity service for enterprise access control

* Amazon Redshift Serverless (Preview): Meet your price performance targets with intelligent, auto-scaling for dynamic workloads

End User Computing
* Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client: Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client reduces costs, simplifies logistics, speeds time to deployment, and works with AWS virtual desktop services

Machine Learning
* AWS HealthScribe: Transform clinical notes into insights using generative AI

Application Integration
* B2B Data Interchange: AWS B2B Data Interchange automates the transformation of EDI documents into common data representations such as JSON and XML at scale

Security, Identity, & Compliance
* GuardDuty ECS Runtime Monitoring: Centralized, fully-managed Amazon ECS container threat detection—including serverless workloads on AWS Fargate

Includes three new serverless offerings
* Aurora Serverless

* Elastic Cache Serverless

* Redshift Serverless

#awsreinvent2023: Key Announcements

* Project Kuiper option for private connectivity to AWS
* Salesforce's Einstein platform on Amazon Bedrock.
* AWS and Nvidia partnering to bring the Nvidia DGX Cloud to AWS.

* 3 Macro Layers of Generative AI Stack
** Top Layer ( got the applications that you use in everyday operations) : Applications that Leverage FMs
** Middle Layer (provides the tools you need to build and scale generative AI applications) : Tools to Build with LLMs and other FMs
** Bottom Layer ( used to train foundation models and run them in production) : Infrastructure for FM Training & Inference

*Amazon Q:  a generative AI assistant specifically tailored for business needs. The chat application will provide natural language responses to a myriad of business-related queries.
" Your AWS Expert | Your Business Expert | Your BI Expert | Your Contact Center Expert"

* Powerful new capabilities for generative AI service Amazon Bedrock that includes:
** Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock ( Preview) : Helps customers implement safeguards customized to their generative AI applications and aligned with their responsible AI principles.
** Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock : Makes it even easier to build generative AI applications that use proprietary data to deliver customized, up-to-date responses for use cases such as chatbots and question-answering systems.
** Agents for Amazon Bedrock: Enables generative AI applications to execute multistep business tasks using company systems and data sources. For example, answering questions about product availability or taking sales orders.
** Fine-tuning for Amazon Bedrock: Customers have more options to customize models in Amazon Bedrock with fine-tuning support for Cohere Command Lite, Meta Llama 2, and Amazon Titan Text models, with Anthropic Claude coming soon.

* Amazon S3 Express One Zone ( Highest Performance and lowest latency cloud object storage) :
Up to ten times faster than S3 standard storage. This faster compute power will enable users to cut costs by up to 50% compared to S3 standard.

* Graviton4 (Preview):
 The most powerful and energy efficient chip AWS ever built. 40% faster for database applications compared to Graviton3 and 30% faster than Graviton3. Also 45% faster for large Java applications.

* AWS Trainium2 : Purpose built chip for generative AI and ML training

* Zero-ETL integrations with Amazon Redshift : This includes the new Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL service, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and Amazon DynamoDB.

* Amazon One Enterprise : Palm-screening technology that is aimed at businesses of all sizes. Service will allow companies to authenticate people entering the premises and help to prevent security breaches


#AWSCloud Financial Managementhashtag#finops

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Below Narrated are the two recent summary updates - announcement around AWS Cloud Financial Management

1) New Cost Optimization Hub centralizes recommended actions to save your money.

Cost Optimization Hub, a new AWS Billing and Cost Management feature that makes it easy for you to identify, filter, aggregate, and quantify savings for AWS cost optimization recommendations.

Cost Optimization Hub supports six types of cost-optimizing recommended actions, including:
* Stop – Stop idle or unused resources to save up to 100 percent of the resources’ cost.
* Rightsize – Move to a smaller Amazon EC2 instance type, Amazon EBS volume, AWS Lambda memory size, or AWS Fargate task size
* Upgrade – Move to a later-generation product, such as moving from EBS io1 volume type to io2.
* Graviton migration – Move from EC2 instance types with x86-based processors to EC2 instance types with AWS Graviton-based processors to save costs.
* Purchase Savings Plans – Purchase Compute Savings Plans, EC2 Instance Savings Plans, and Amazon SageMaker Savings Plans
* Purchase Reserved Instances – Purchase Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon Redshift Reserved Instances.

2)    Check your AWS Free Tier usage programmatically with a new API

You can check your usage of the AWS Free Tier using the new AWS Free Tier API. You can use the API directly with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or integrate it into an application with the AWS SDKs.

The AWS Free Tier includes three different types of offerings:
* Always free offers allow customers to use a service for free up to specified limits as long as they are an AWS customer.
* 12 months free offers allow customers to use a service for free up to specified limits for one year from the date the account was activated.
* Short-term trials are free to use for a specified period or up to a one-time limit, depending on the service.

There are a few ways you can keep track of your AWS Free Tier usage:

* The usage alerts in the Billing preferences of the AWS Billing and Cost Management console are enabled by default (unless the account was created via AWS Organizations) and send you emails when you exceed 85 percent of the Free Tier limit for each service.
* You can create a zero-spend or a monthly-cost budget in the Budgets section of the Billing and Cost Management console. Using templates, it just requires a couple of clicks and the email address to notify.
* The Free Tier page in the Billing and Cost Management console tells you the service, the type of offer, the current usage, and the forecasted usage for each offer in the current billing period.
* The new GetFreeTierUsage API provides the same information in the Free Tier page with a structured format that you can use programmatically.


* AWS Solution Building Enablement : Partners can use Solution Building Enablement as a foundational resource to build and validate their solutions with AWS. It includes reference architecture, validated open-source codes, and go-to-market resources to help you build, market, and sell faster.

* OR1 for Amazon OpenSearch Service : The OpenSearch Optimized Instance family that delivers up to 30% price-performance improvement over existing instances in internal benchmarks and uses Amazon S3 to provide 11 9s of durability.

* Amazon Neptune Analytics : A new analytics database engine for Amazon Neptune that makes it faster for data scientists and application developers to get insights and find trends by analyzing graph data with tens of billions of connections in seconds

* Four Key Ingredients to build a generative AI app?
• Access to a variety of foundation models
• A safe, secure, and private environment to leverage data
• Easy-to-use tools to build and deploy applications
• A purpose-built machine learning infrastructure

* New Amazon SageMaker Capabilities for Scaling with Models
• SageMakerHyperPod
Accelerates model training time by up to 40% by enabling customers to automatically split training workloads across hundreds or thousands of accelerators, so workloads can be processed in parallel for improved model performance.
• SageMaker Inference
Allows customers to deploy multiple models to the same AWS instance (virtual server), to better use the underlying accelerators and reduce deployment costs and latency.
• SageMaker Clarify
Helps customers evaluate, compare, and select the best models for their specific use case, based on their chosen parameter to support responsible use of AI.
• SageMaker Canvas enhancements
Two new launches in Canvas make it easier and faster for customers to integrate generative AI into their workflows.

* Amazon Titan Foundation Models:
• Titan Text Embeddings
• Titan Text Lite
• Titan Text Express
• Titan Multimodal Embeddings
• Titan Image Generator

* Vector Engine for OpenSearch Serverless : Simple , Scalable and high-performing vector storage without managing infrastructure

* Vector Search capabilities availability with Amazon DocumentDB and Amazon DynamoDB.

* SaaS Quick Launch : A new feature in AWS Marketplace that makes it easy and secure to deploy SaaS products.

* AWS Clean Rooms ML (Preview) : Helps you and your partners apply privacy-enhancing ML to generate predictive insights without having to share raw data with each other.

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 Build Evolvable
 To Predict the future, observe the present
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* AWS Management Console myApplications:
Monitor and manage the cost,health,security posture and performance of your application. he new AWS Management Console for Applications gives users more insight into the costs and any potential issues ongoing throughout development and deployment of your apps.

* Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals ( Preview):
Automatically instrument and operate applications to track application performance against your most important business applications. Gives you one single dashboard showing all the metrics for your EKS.

*Amazon Inspector CI/CD Container Scanning:
Enhancing container image security with Amazon Inspector integration with developer tools